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  1. Thread: yes!

    by KRBlake

    Thanks for Writing

    Hi Annette,

    I currently have two books available at New Concepts Publishing. Mortal Illusions is my vampire romance, and Deadly Enchantment is a shape-shifting wizard story set in Victorian...
  2. I like Kimberly Raye's books also. I'm just...

    I like Kimberly Raye's books also. I'm just waiting for her to realize born isn't really that much superior to made. Kind of like a peer of the realm marrying outside of the nobility. Hey, Winston...
  3. In addition to Jenn's list

    Okay, I'm still getting the hang of this forum thing. This was my first post, and once I realized there was more than one page to the thread, I see that the books I've...
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