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  1. Check Out My New Website and Other Stuff...

    Hi guys,
    I just wanted to let you all know my site has been revamped and I have added a few new features to it including a discussion area. Please come check it out if you'd like to chat with me...
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    Thanks for Visiting!

    Well, I'm calling it a day. Thanks for visiting and poking around. Be sure to check out the other stops on my blog tour and look for Love Redeemed out Nov 27th!

    Brennan Whitling wants for nothing...
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    Last Giveaway of the Day!

    Okay, here we go. First correct response wins a Decadent ebook of their choice.

    What is the release date of Love Redeemed?
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    Two Hours Left...

    I'm here for a couple more hours. I will definitely do another giveaway, so keep your eyes open! also, feel free to ask me a question. :)
  5. Got in fast on that one! LOL! Yes! Email me at...

    Got in fast on that one! LOL! Yes! Email me at sorcha.mowbray(at)gmail(dot)com with your chpice of book and format. :)
  6. How about another giveaway? (Ends at 4:30pm PST)

    Prize: Winner's choice of a Decadent Publishing book!

    Question: What are the names of my hero and heroine in Book 1, Love Revealed?

    Contest closes at 4:30pm PST!
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    What else have I written?

    Well, there is Taking Her Chance (One Night With A Cowboy). A contemporary western short story. It is an erotic romance with a bit of BDSM:

    Elizabeth Torrence spent the last nine years...
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    yes, the discipline of military and law...

    yes, the discipline of military and law enforcement is very sexy. Wilderness guides, cowboys, all of those natural tough guys are pretty sexy too. :)
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    Ha! As the first response all day...I am totally making you a winner. email me at sorcha.mowbray(at)gmail(dot)com and tell me what ebook format you'd like and which title: Love Revealed or Taking Her...
  10. Posting a Giveaway on Twitter... #LoveRedeemed

    Okay, so I'm gonna do a giveaway on Twitter.

    We'll use hashtag #LoveRedeemed and the question is...

    Where does Serena tell Brennan her chaperon is when they meet?
    Hint: read the excerpt!
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    Maybe it's time for an excerpt?

    Here is the official excerpt from Love Redeemed:

    “Are you all right, Miss?”

    For a moment, for this moment, she was a normal young woman experiencing the attentions of a handsome young man. Heat...
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    Did you miss the first book?

    If you missed Love Revealed, here is the blurb:

    Lady Katherine Drummond plays by society’s rules, even after the Ton turns on her. Shunned by her peers, she keeps up appearances by day but allows...
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    A swing and a miss on the first giveaway....

    A swing and a miss on the first giveaway. S'alright, I'll be here all day!
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    Time's almost up!

    Don't miss a chance for a free ebook in the format of your choice!
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    Don't be shy. I love military heroes. So very...

    Don't be shy. I love military heroes. So very sexy!
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    Who Am I?

    Well you can always check out my bio on my website:
    But here are ten things not found in my bio...

    1. I'm a Libra
    2. I HATE ham, but eat pork and bacon
    3. I have...
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    What is The Market Series?

    The Market Series is a trilogy of stories all centered around an exclusive brothel in Victorian England. The house caters to every desire from the mundane desire to drink and play cards to the...
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    First Giveaway!

    Tell me your favorite occupation for a hero (Lord, Fireman, Cop, etc.) and one random winner will be selected at 10:30am (PST). Go!

    Prize: Winner's choice of Love Revealed or Taking Her Chance...
  19. Welcome to a Chat with Sorcha Mowbray!

    Hello! Sorry I'm running a bit late. The hubs is under the weather and needed a little TLC. Now that I'm here, let's start with a quick hello and a peak at my next release.

    Love Redeemed is Book...
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    Love Redeemed Blog Tour!

    Love Redeemed will be out November 13th from Decadent Publishing. To celebrate I will be having a two week blog tour with lots of opportunities to win copies of Love Revealed, Book 1 of the series, a...
  21. Love Redeemed (The Market Series, Book 2) Release Date

    I don't have a cover or even the official blurb yet, but I can tell you the next book in The Market Series, Love Redeemed will be out November 13th! Yay! As soon as I have more details I will of...
  22. Taking Her Chance (One Night With A Cowboy) is now at All Romance eBooks!

    Wanna read my sexy cowboy short but don't have a Kindle? Now you can! Hop on over to All Romance eBooks and pick up a copy for $.99 in .pdf, .mobi, .prc, or .epub.

    Elizabeth Torrence spent the...
  23. Taking Her Chance (One Night With A Cowboy) is FREE thru May 31st!

    Grab a copy of Taking Her Chance while you can!

    ***WARNING: This short story involves a sassy cowgirl with red boots and one hot cowboy who knows his way around a rope—and he's not afraid to...
  24. LOL! Laugh it Up fuzball Thanks for entering!

    LOL! Laugh it Up fuzball Thanks for entering!
  25. Release Day & Giveaway: Taking Her Chance (One Night With A Cowboy)

    I am excited to share with you my first venture in to self-publishing. I* have started a new series of short stories called One Night With A Cowboy. Each story will be around eight to ten thousand...
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