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  1. Re-Release of David's Angel--Fun With Stephanie Beck

    Sooo exciting! David's Angel--super sexy and touching BDSM novel by Stephanie Beck is back and better than ever.

    When kink and reality collide, compromise and love keep everyone satisfied.
  2. FREE FREE FREE Poppy's Present is Free on Amazon!

    Please help me celebrate the re-release of my best seller, Poppy's Passions!

    Poppy, Michael, Trevor and Cody are back!!

    Poppy's Present--a peek into Poppy's world is available FREE from...
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    Super Release--Super Prizes!

    I've got a thing for superheroes. Always have, and God willing, always will. If you're one for flying and super strength and heroics, Super Love is ready and waiting for you.

    Super Love
  4. No Joke! Home to Hellas is out today!

    Sunny beaches, bikinis, loooooooove--find it all in Home to Hellas, available NOW!!

    Home to Hellas
    by Stephanie Beck
    Jennís love of basketball and travel lead her to Greece, but only one man...
  5. He said what? How the host ended up in the doghouse (Stephanie Beck)

    The podcast of my discussion on erotica and religion is up and causing a stir!
    Listen in to find out why Mr. Vipp Jaswal is in the doghouse with his wife and mother-in-law over the discussion (I...
  6. "Between Porn and a Prayer" Radio interview with Stephanie Beck

    Erotica writer, Stephanie Beck, author of Poppy's Passions, Just One
    More and many more romantic stories was interviewed by Fox News
    Radio's Vipp Jaswal on the topic of erotica and faith.
  7. Win Big at Bitten By Books from Stephanie Beck ($25 Amazon giftcard)

    Today (August 10th) I'll be at Bitten by Books giving away

    $25 Amazon gift card
    Goodie bag (US only)
    1 eBook of my latest F*ck Like Bunnies story Bunnies on Ice

    Stop by for a little...
  8. Final Days of HUGE Beachwalk Paperback Sale! Get Just One More 25% off and ship FREE!

    To celebrate Beachwalk Press' first year in business, prices on paper backs are slashed! Get copies of your favorites 25% off with FREE shipping! I ordered 10 books (yes, I do love my paper back...
  9. 1 Night Stand Series Bloghop! Prizes? Oh yeah (Kindle Touch anyone?)

    From July 5th until the 8th, 32 Decadent Publishing authors are blog hoppin' together with buckets full of prizes and lots of funny things to say! Stop in at any of the 32 blogs to get entered to win...
  10. Signed paperback of Just One More--get entered to win!

    This week I am at Ramblings from this Chick celebrating Beachwalk Press' 1st anniversary. I'm giving away a signed paperback of Just One More--so make sure you get signed up!...
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    My poor reading list, the ones at the top are...

    My poor reading list, the ones at the top are getting cranky with me. We're moving this summer so I've been so busy! I'm hoping to catch up my series--Sookie, Mary-Janice Davidson, Sherlynn Kenyon....
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    Blog Blitz and Goodies!!

    This fabulous Thursday marks the start of blitz days for Lyrical Press Authors. I'm thrilled to be part of the first group hitting the blogs with books to give away! Head over to Plotmamas to find...
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    Lately I've really wanted to go to

    Lately I've really wanted to go to know, with unlimited time and funds. There's so much history and spirit and eccentricies--I'm really digging that at the moment.

    Stephanie Beck
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    Sunburn!! I hate them, they hurt...and I have...

    Sunburn!! I hate them, they hurt...and I have three super fair skinned minions who burn just as crispy as quickly as I do. I think I need to buy stock in sunscreen companies because it's a major...
  15. I have so many awesome summer memories! Growing...

    I have so many awesome summer memories! Growing with two older brothers, a younger sister and a passle of cousins made for long summers at the local pool, ice pops and bon fires. We never took big...
  16. Add a little smut (the good kind) to your weekend! Stephanie Beck

    I've read a few different definitions for 'smut' and one of them is dirty. Well, my friends, Smut Therapy and Smut Interrupted might be a little 'dirty but there is no cleaning involved!!! Pick up...
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    What Would You Do For a Bunny?

    Air Bunnies: Book 2 in the F*ck Like Bunnies Series by Stephanie Beck

    Sexy werebunnies worldwide!!

    Jakeísmissed fight might cost him his job. Desperate to get to Malaysia, he follows afellow...
  18. F*** Like Bunnies...and walk away smilin'

    Wicked Werebunnies Worldwide!

    From a club in Chicago to the mile high club over the Atlantic Ocean, the werebunnies are all over and they want to screw. Romance and feelings are wonderful,...
  19. New Release 'More Than an Elf' part of the Buy one Get one Free promo this month!

    Available now: More Than an Elf by Stephanie Beck book 2 in The Elfland Series

    After surviving the War Between the States, Jessica wanted nothing more than to experience adventure and pleasure....
  20. Last Day to get Felines and Flowers for .99!

    I'm so excited! Decadent Publishing discounted Felines and Flowers (my ubber sweet love story) on Amazon! For the low low price of .99 you can read about Warren and Wendy, two youth pastors who are...
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