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  1. Never Surrender sequel coming in late 2014!

    I'm glad you're interested enough to stop in! Thank you! I've had so many readers want to know what happens to my characters from Never Surrender because I really didn't say at the end of the book. I...
  2. Excerpt from Whispers at Ghost Point!

    Wow! I've missed posting here with you and can't believe February was the last time but I've been busy working on so many things. Now summer is upon us and I've even taken a well deserved vacation....
  3. Contest to celebrate the print version of Whispers at Ghost Point!


    Stop by my interview this week for links to more contests as you join me to celebrate the release in all formats of Whispers at Ghost Point! I'm giving away gift cards, ebooks, and a...
  4. 3821 I'm bursting to share with you that...


    I'm bursting to share with you that Whispers at Ghost Point is at the printer now and I should have the first print version by Feb 1! Once I receive it, inspect it and am happy with it, I...
  5. Sequel to Never Surrender - Indian Time Travel

    If you've not yet read Never Surrender, I hope you grab your copy soon. I've begun working on the sequel but it won't be out for at least a year....late 2014 or early 2015. OMG! That sounds so...
  6. Whispers at Ghost Point - NOW AVAILABLE!!

    The e-book is now available and the print format should be available by the end of January! (Those wanting a signed copy of the print book can visit My Store at my main website and go to...
  7. Hi Misty! I totally understand what you mean!...

    Hi Misty! I totally understand what you mean! It's happened to me and also happened while writing Whispers. I was at a spooky part when a shadow passed by my window outside and scared me right out of...
  8. Sue, thanks for stopping in! YOU are the winner...

    Sue, thanks for stopping in! YOU are the winner of the 11:00 drawing! Whoohoo!

    There are demons in Whispers at Ghost Point!!! I can't wait to get it out there tomorrow night!

    I like the...
  9. Welcome everyone! I'm happy to see a few of you...

    Welcome everyone! I'm happy to see a few of you here this morning....or afternoon, depending on your time zone! For those who might want to click over and read about my new release coming out Sunday...
  10. Come chat with me Friday Dec 21st PST 9:00 - 5:00 - Prizes!


    I will be in here most of the day Friday so I hope you have time to stop in and chat about my new book, Whispers at Ghost Point. It will be available Sunday evening at your favorite online...
  11. Who wants to win a gift card??

    I'm hanging out this week over at Charmaine Gordon's Blog chatting with my main character, Dana Kaster, about renovating an abandoned lighthouse. Stop by to get in on the $10 Gift Card giveaway which...
  12. Chances to win beaded book thong! Stop by the tour stops!

    Chances to WIN!!

    I'm glad you're interested in a chance to win one of three beaded book thongs! See the post below to find out more about the tour but the scheduled dates are on my blog on the...
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    NOW on SALE! .99 for No Turning Back

    .99 at your favorite online store!

    Now's your chance to read the novel that inspired my next book, Whispers at Ghost Point! The characters in No Turning Back are reincarnated into...
  14. November2012 Book Tour for Whispers at Ghost Point!


    Thank you for stopping in to check the progress on the book that seems to have taken me forever to complete! The end is near, I promise! I hope to have it out for you in e-book by mid...
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    No Turning Back Characters move into Whispers at Ghost Point!!


    Thank you for stopping in to read about my English historical! I love the castles, dukes, dancing balls, gowns, ships, high sea adventures and pirates!

    As a common thread in all my...
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    Winner is.....

    Thank you all so much for stopping in to enter!

    Without further ado, the WINNER of the Spa package is:

    Lil Pixie

    I had a great time and picking a winner is always fun!

    For more chances...
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    :whistle: I need to see some replies...


    I need to see some replies here so that I have a few to choose a winner from! I hope you're all enjoying the Party so far!

  18. Whispers at Ghost Point - New Cover!!

    I must apologize for such a lapse in time since I last posted here to chat with you. Tax season takes up all my time from Dec thru to mid-May and I'm just now getting back into author mode! Thank you...
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    Whispers at Ghost Point

    To find out more about my CURRENT work in progress, pls click HERE to be taken to the Contemporary Thread and read more about Whispers at Ghost Point!

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    Anniversary Party - May 12 - 19, 2012!!

    Anniversary Party


    Spa Package - US Residents

    WINNER IS: Lil Pixie!!!!

  21. The release of Whispers at Ghost Point has had to...

    The release of Whispers at Ghost Point has had to be delayed but I'm hoping for it to be released by late August 2012. Circumstances beyond my control had forced me to set back the release date but I...
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