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  1. April 17, Elaine Cantrell Guest Stars!

    Thursday, April 17, southern author Elaine Cantrell guests with I.B. Nosey. She'll speak about her political thriller, "Blue 52". The blurb:

    “First Lady Kills President Lovinggood”
    December 5,...
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    Sign Up for an Audible Interview!

    Greetings, coffeetime cybernuts!

    If you're an author, you love giving interviews and if you're a reader, you love reading 'em, right?

    Things are going audible these days, so my question is --...
  3. March 20, 2014, Cynthianna Guest Stars!

    Author Cynthianna guest stars Thursday, March 20, 2014 over at the Feeling Nosey? blog. She'll discuss her romance, "Country Boy, City Girl".

    BLURB: 'Veronica "Ronnie" Hawthorn has found peace at...
  4. March 13, 2014, Mary Forbes Guest Stars!

    On Thursday, March 13, Canadian author Mary Forbes guest stars with I.B. Nosey to discuss her book, "One Dance With a Stranger". Can a country singing idol really reach fame if he's from Canada? In...
  5. A Coffee Time Romance & More Interview, Part 2, Feb. 27th

    Thursday, Feb. 27th, the second installment of the interview with the Coffee Time Romance Crew happens at Feeling Nosey?

    The details of the contest are included in the interview. Be sure to come...
  6. A Coffee Time Romance & More Interview, Part 1

    Tomorrow, Feb. 20, 2014, I have the coffee crew of Coffee Time Romance & More over at my blog! As I.B. Nosey, you never expect what will happen in one of my interviews...but I can tell you that this...
  7. January 16, 2014, Patricia Preston, Guest Stars!

    Greetings, coffee-timers!

    It's time for another I.B. Nosey interview! Yes, while you're enjoying that delicious cup of coffee, instead of reading your newspapers filled with all kinds of nasties...
  8. January 4, 2014, Lynn Lovegreen Guest Stars!

    Lynn Lovegreen, author of the sweet historical, "Fools Gold" guest stars with I.B. Nosey. What in the world could these two possibly have to discuss about an Alaskan gold rush, a saloonkeeper, a...
  9. December 19, 2013, Linda Banche Guest Stars!

    On Thursday, December 19, 2013, Regency author Linda Banche guest stars at the Feeling Nosey? site. What happens when you mix a love-struck suitor with a jealous goose in the midst of pumpkins being...
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    December 12, 2013, A Nosey Revelation!

    Today Nosey reveals just what his job description is all about! Hey, he earns his peanuts, folks, and all those Almond Joys, and Gum Drop Island chocolates! No one else does what he does!

  11. The fun's still going on! Come over to see what's...

    The fun's still going on! Come over to see what's the end of an ancient curse from an angry medicine man!

    Feeling Nosey?

  12. December 5, I.B. Nosey Meets with an Ancient Curse

    Greetings, coffee-timers!

    This is I.B. Nosey once again, your official unofficial reporter. Bringing to you the very latest about cybernews that happens out in cyberspace. And also at 4526...
  13. That's the spirit, Franny! Come on over and feel...

    That's the spirit, Franny! Come on over and feel nosey!, heh heh

    Feeling Nosey?
  14. November 21, I.B. Nosey Must Use Diplomacy????

    Greetings, coffee-timers!

    On Thursday, Nov. 21, I invite all of you over to the Feeling Nosey? blog/site for an interview that finds your official unofficial reporter in...uh...well, someplace...
  15. November 14, 2013, Nosey Has Surprise Guests!

    This week over at the Feeling Nosey? blog, some surprise guests show up -- or maybe they're surprising?

    There's more out there to read besides hugs and smooches, folks! So if you're in the mood...
  16. November 7, 2013, Erica Matthews Guest Stars!

    Greetings, cyber coffee timers!

    Tomorrow's (November 7) guest over at the Feeling Nosey? site is author Erica Matthews. She writes about a love letter and the complications which ensures when it...
  17. October 31, 2013, Beth Carpenter Guest Stars!

    Yep, as promised, Beth Carpenter guest stars TODAY over at the Feeling Nosey? blog. Everyone is invited to learn more of this gal's book, "Recalculating Route". Strange going-on's might be happening...
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    I am a Nosey-ful of fun! Heh heh. And even...

    I am a Nosey-ful of fun! Heh heh. And even "funner" tomorrow with my guest star! Come on over and join us!
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    Be Ready for Thursday, October 31!

    Who is Nosey's guest star for Thursday, October 31st????

    Don't forget to come over and find out!!

    That's at Feeling Nosey?

  20. Are you serious? I'm the coolest reporter in...

    Are you serious? I'm the coolest reporter in cyberspace, heh heh!
  21. Thank you for coming over. :)

    Thank you for coming over. :)
  22. October 24, 2013, Cindy A. Christiansen Guest Stars!

    Thursday, October 24, 2013, author Cindy A. Christiansen guest stars at the Feeling Nosey? blog to discuss her new book, "Time Will Tell." What's it all about? Well, if you're nosy, come join all us...
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    I.B. Nosey Video!
  24. Oct. 13th?

    Hi Franny,

    October 13th? The Nosey interviews are always scheduled for Thursdays. The 13th was a Sunday. There wasn't one on that date, but Jennifer Faye is guest starring today, Oct. 17th, if...
  25. October 17, 2013 Harlequin Author Jennifer Faye Guest Stars!

    Greetings, Nosey cyber group!

    Harlequin author Jennifer Faye was so thrilled (heh heh) with her very first I.B. Nosey interview (see July 11, 2013) that she scheduled another. Tomorrow, Thursday,...
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