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  1. Facebook chat Saturday at 5 PDT! #giveaways #dirtytalk #romance #erotica

    We'll cover it all from sweet to dirty lovin' at the Coffee Time Romance's Mocha Mileau on Facebook this Saturday the 19th at 5 PDT.

    Bring your...
  2. Exclusive excerpt at All Romance Ebooks Cafe #MM #erotica

    All Romance Ebooks has posted an exclusive excerpt today of Breaching the Lieutenant. Stop by and take a look.
  3. Once he crosses the line, can he ever go back? #MM #erotica excerpt

    I'm on Christy Gissendaner's blog today talking about my latest book Breaching the Lieutenant. If you'd like to read an excerpt the link is here:...
  4. New M/F #erotica coming soon from @secretcravings #contemporary married couple

    I just wanted to share with you the cover for my upcoming erotic short from Secret Cravings Publishing. I'm working on the final proof copy today.


    You can read more about the story here:...
  5. #MM #BDSM book lover? Vote for Sex, Ties and Videotape @bdsmbookreviews

    I haz a happy!

    Sex, Ties and Videotape, my MM BDSM novella from MLR Press is in the running for book of the month at BDSM Book Reviews on Yahoo Groups. Very sweet!

    If you are a member, please...
  6. Sex, Ties and Videotape #MM #kink romance series from @MLRPress

    What's better than a hurt guy and the man who's secretly loved him all along?

    Geoffrey's ex hurt him in a very public way, and all Geoffrey wanted was some kink. Now his ex's best friend Paul...
  7. SciFi Romance for your weekend reading: #sexy android excerpt!

    My latest SciFi Romance book, Download my Love, is out from Decadent Publishing. In it, an android special agent must protect the woman who's father was the inventor of mechanoid life. Falling in...
  8. Get $1 off Breaching the Lieutenant at @smashwords #MM #erotica

    Nope, this isn't April Fool's! Get $1.00 off Breaching the Lieutenant at Smashwords this month with code: ZD73A

  9. Replies

    This photo needs #cowboys!

    Won't someone bring some cowboys to this trail? I think they'd like it. I'd sure like it!

    I took this snap tonight after dinner. Hubby and I made it home before the sun set. Nice hike!

  10. New review for Lover Enslaved: #MM #erotica set in Mumbai, India at Love Romance Cafe

    I just ran across this review for Lover Enslaved by Love Romance Cafe. If you don't belong to the LRC Yahoo Group, it's free to join and they have special days for different genres - there is truly...
  11. Excerpt: Perfect Ride by @eva_lefoy and @shilohsaddler #GLBT #western #romance

    I wanted to bring you an exclusive excerpt of Perfect Ride by myself and co-author Shiloh Saddler. This is a MM cowboy romance and it is available now from Decadent Publishing.


  12. Excerpt: Breaching the Lieutenant #GLBT #erotica

    Tonight I have for you an excerpt of my newest MM erotica release:


    “Hello? Is anybody here?”

    He’d just turned to leave when a man’s voice called out. “Over here!” Another clang. Metal...
  13. Breaching the Lieutenant now out on @amazon #GLBT #military #erotica

    I'm happy to announce my latest MM GLBT read is available on Amazon.
  14. Cover reveal: Breaching the Lieutenant #indiepub #kindlebook @Amazon #erotica

    I am sooo happy today. I have a special cover to share with you for my super secret indie published project, Breaching the Lieutenant.

    I totally dig this cover, and I hope you do too, and love...
  15. Win a copy of Perfect Ride at @TRS_Studio this weekend. Saddle up y'all! #GLBT

    Looking for some sexy cowboys to hang out with this weekend? Garrett and Cole might just need a third... it has been suggested :)

    Enter to win a copy at the link above....
  16. Perfect Ride is an @allromance Bestseller! #GLBT #romance #western

    It's a happy day!

    The cowboys have made it to the Bestseller list on All Romance Ebooks. The link to the book is here:
  17. Can you hang on long enough for the Perfect Ride? #GLBT #western

    Championship PBR bull rider knows how to hang onto his bull, but he needs a little practice holding onto his man! In his efforts to hang onto fame and glory, Garrett lets Cole slip out of his grasp....
  18. Perfect Ride - #GLBT #cowboys new today from @decadentpub

    Get it while it's hot!

    The cowboys are sweating, the bull riders are gripping their rope hard and the sex is hawt. Can two men find love on the Professional Bull Riding circuit? Yes. But can they...
  19. Bull riding #cowboys are out now from @amazon #GLBT #western romance

    What's sexier than sweaty lonely cowboys and bull riders on the PBR circuit?

    Not much is sexier than long-cool-drink-of-water Cole Richards and his black gay champion bull rider, Garrett Anderson....
  20. Yep, it smells like rotting meat when it blooms....

    Yep, it smells like rotting meat when it blooms.

    I'm told flies love it.

    Now if it smelled like dirty old socks, you'd have my cat all over it! LOL
  21. Ridden Hard - book 1 is out now from @Amazon! #cowboys #GLBT

    Ah... smell the chaps and rosin up your rope! Perfect Ride is now available on Amazon. Woot!


    Professional bull rider Garrett Anderson lives for the next town, the...
  22. Everything's coming up flowers and vampires! oh my. #paranormal #GLBT #erotica

    If you fancy a lonely sexy vampire in a humid greenhouse surrounded by flowers paired with the botanist that stumbles in to his private lair, think of Darkest Flowers, my latest work with MLR Press,...
  23. Nice new #review for Sex, Ties and Videotape #GLBT #erotica

    I got a very nice surprise the other day - a review for my MM *light* BDSM story, Sex, Ties and Videotape from the Sid Love blog. The review is here:...
  24. Excerpt: Download My Love #SFR #scifi #romance sometimes love needs a reboot...

    Today I'm bringing you an excerpt of when Samantha - my back to lander, cow-lovin heroine - meets the super-charged secret agent Everett, her new protector.



    “I don’t know.”...
  25. Download my Love - new #SFR release available on Amazon!

    My latest release - Download My Love - is a science fiction romance it's available now on Amazon!


    Security Core agent Everett is assigned a special case—protect the...
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