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  1. YAY! Thank you so much ;) and HAPPY reading! X

    YAY! Thank you so much ;) and HAPPY reading! X
  2. FREE 24 - 26 OCTOBER - The Man in a Haystack - DATING MEMOIR

    If you've not yet got your Kindle copy of ♥ The Man in a Haystack ♥ you can download it absolutely FREE from 24 - 26 October inclusive! ♥ This is an honest and insightful dating memoir of a woman in...
  3. FREE chicklit on Kindle this weekend only (6/7 April)

    You are all invited to download FREE on Kindle, this weekend only (6/7 April), THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK. A chicklit novel written in blog style, following 40-something Mae's dating encounters and her...
  4. I'm the new girl - treat me gently ;)

    Hello everyone

    My name is Alice Huskisson and I have just stumbled across your forum which looks like fun! :) I am a new author and my debut 'blog style' dating novel was self published in...
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