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  1. ALL 2012 & 2013 Crimson Romance Titles $1.99!!

    Through the month of February ALL Crimson Romance titles are SALE priced at $1.99 (personal plug) this includes both the Swamp Magic series books.

    Swamp Magic - Lizard Shifter
    Deep in the muggy...
  2. 1st Year Anniversary Sale! Swamp Magic ONLY $1.99!

    Get caught up in the magic of Swamp Magic while on SALE then check out newly released, Bk2 Under the Full Moon. Swamp Magic - Blurb: Deep in the muggy swamps where there is but one rule, kill or be...
  3. Can't remember if I already did this. Bobbi Romans

    Forgive me if I already did the introduce. All the kids moved back home, one with their entire family in tow as they house hunt. *sigh* During a moment of empty nest syndrome, we adopted. THEN they...
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    Hi Andrea!!

    Hi Andrea! Happy 4th of July if your stateside.:) Bobbi
  5. Hi, I'm Bobbi Romans and I write whatever my characters tell me to.

    Yup. Sometimes they're sweet and romantic, sometimes they're serial killers and most have raging hormone levels. *wink* Well, they do and it's not my fault. Talk to them about it. Swamp Magic, is...
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    ~ It's Contest Time ~

    Lets have some Saturday fun! No running around all over the place. Just tell me who is your 'IT' guy/gal of the moment? I'll open this up from today (3/23/13 to 3/24/13) I'll start...these two buff...
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    Coming Soon

    MAY 2013-Table for Three-Hold the Blood- An Erotic tale of Horror. (Huh?-Stay tuned to find out) via Noble Romance. Nov 2013- An American Holiday-Turkey, Cranberry Sauce & Prozac-Contemporary...
  8. Swamp Magic "Paranormal Romance' OUT NOW

    Blurb:Deep in the muggy swamps where there is but one rule, kill or be killed, a new species has emerged - born not from nature but spawned from evil.3954
    Octavia wasn’t stupid. Those unfortunate...
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