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  1. Contemporary vs. Other Genres

    I agree with Jennifer in that it's both easier and harder at the same time. Research is less extensive but still must be done and I find you have to be really careful not to plop in too much pop...
  2. "It's an amazing read…the author, Dina Keratsis,...

    "It's an amazing read…the author, Dina Keratsis, writes the kind of stories that parallel real life issues and situations. It's a story that you will relate to and if you're like I am, you will wish...
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    Anyone like ghosts and pirates?

    "Charlesgate is a fun read. Intricately woven with historical fact and colorful fiction, Dina Keratsis's story is written with an intelligent eye, respect for her readers, and offers up a tale one...
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    Marsha Canham...

    ...I just adore her writing. Her Scottish novels are just riveting and she knows how to integrate historical events and details into the plot. Blood and Roses is one book in the trilogy set during...
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    Joining the fray...

    Hello all! My name is Dina Keratsis and I'm a romance author. My books are contemporary but all incorporate a bit of history and a bit of magic.

    Booklist: Cake, Fairy Tale (May 2007); Kicking...
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    I loved Son of the Morning! Yeah, that qualifies...

    I loved Son of the Morning! Yeah, that qualifies as contemporary, I think. And Bet Me was indeed brilliant, though I'll always love Tell Me Lies as that was the first Crusie book I read and it opened...
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    Contemporary Romances

    Hello All (or Nobody as it appears I'm the first post)!

    I'm a fan of contemporary romance, especially those that have a little twist of history or paranormal elements to spice it up a bit. I also...
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