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  1. Book Blitz Giveaway to Celebrate the release of Cassie's Choice.

    Hi Everyone,

    I thought I should mention that I am doing a Book Blitz Promotion to celebrate my new release. All the information on how to enter the Rafflecopter competition for a chance at winning...
  2. Thank you Shelly and Franny :)

    Thank you Shelly and Franny :)
  3. So many reasons to pop the bubbly! Oi Oi Oi!

    Hey everyone! There is much celebrating and merriment happening in the Gallagher household at the moment. So I thought I'd share with you some of the good news.

    A few weeks ago I was absolutely...
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    Thank you Franny :)
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    Another 5 Cups Review - Gotta Love that!

    Today I received an email from Coffee Time Romance informing me Emily's Cowboy, book 5 in my League of Love series, had been reviewed. I am very pleased to announce that I have another 5 Cup review...
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    So much happened while I was away...

    I’m Back! I’ve been home for two weeks but have been suffering from holiday hangover. I just couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything long enough to be productive. It was a wonderful holiday with so...
  7. Yippee! Going on Vacation to Europe and meeting up with the Total-E-Bound staff.

    Only 3 more sleeps and I'm off on my long awaited vacation to Europe. It's quite a journey from Australia (about a 26 hour flight) but I've loaded the kindle full of all the books I've been wanting...
  8. Sarah's Soldier Release and PDF Giveaway -

    4254I was very excited to find out that Sarah's Soldier is #4 on the Best Sellers list at Total-E-Bound this week and achieved this while still on pre-release. To celebrate this and the release of...
  9. My Favorite Teaser Image - Sarah's Soldier.

    4241 I feel so sorry for Sarah in this image - I'm glad I know the end of the story. Lol! Not long now until Sarah's Soldier releases. I've had a busy week. I booked a holiday to Europe months ago...
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    New Promotion Image for Sarah's Soldier.

    4238 Image number 2 for my new release promotion campaign from Total-E-Bound. I love these postcards. They came at a great time as I needed to lift my spirits. I had to make the heart-breaking...
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    Upcoming Release - Sarah's Soldier

    4235I am very excited that my publisher is trying out a new promotional idea. I have been given some postcards to share with my readers that highlight snippets from the latest book in my League of...
  12. What a Weekend – My Radio Debut and a New Release.

    With Total-E-Bound changing the date for new releases to Fridays I started my weekend with the exciting news that the latest in my League of Love series, Emily’s Cowboy, was now available. Of course...
  13. Focus on First Promotions at Total E Bound - Caitlin's Hero 99c

    Caitlin's Hero, Book #1 in my League of Love series is discounted to 99c. I love this promotion from Total-E-Bound publishing, giving readers the opportunity to pick up the first book in a new series...
  14. April Release Pippa's Fantasy #4 League of Love Series

    What’s a girl to do when her fantasy is within reach? Grab it with both hands, of course—then try to live with the consequences.

    Welcome to my new forum. Hi, I'm Donna Gallagher a relatively new...
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    Now Grace seafood would be a great idea and I...

    Now Grace seafood would be a great idea and I live a stones throw from the Sydney fish market, but no the family insists on traditional fare - they don't cook it. Do love our NY fireworks and...
  16. Thread: Hello.

    by donnag63

    Hi Holly

    I'm new here as well, you certainly kept your post nice and short Lol! I've read all Laurann Dohners books. What did you think of Fury?
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    Hi Grace

    I'm not far from Eastwood and yes, the weather is starting to warm up. I lived in the UK, up north, it was a long time ago. I remember the weather well ;) we got some snow at Christmas first time a...
  18. Hello Carole nice to meet you :) Mmmm! I love a...

    Hello Carole nice to meet you :)
    Mmmm! I love a good vampire story. I'm new here as well.
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    Hi Susan, nice to meet you here. (I'm new as...

    Hi Susan, nice to meet you here. (I'm new as well) No cats in my house but I do have two turtles.
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    A big wave hello from Sydney, Australia.

    Thought I'd say hi and introduce myself, Im Donna Gallagher and as I mentioned I live in Sydney. I love reading (especially N.j.Walters books) and am a bit of a sports fan *cough* huge, sports fan....
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