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  1. The Powerful, Miraculous Easter Message

    Just put up my Easter blog at
  2. Mental Health Counselor Weaves Romance about a War Vet Amputee. Give Away

    Mental health counselor Connie Almony weaves an inspirational romance about a war vet amputee with PTSD and the physical therapist who moves in to help with an innovative prosthetic. At the Edge of a...
  3. Participating in Sweet Romance Event with 30-Plus Authors - Games, Prizes, Giveaways

    The Sweet Romance Event with 30-plus authors begins tomorrow and lasts through March 30. At 3:00 p.m., Sunday, March 23, and on Wednesday, March 26, at 4:00 p.m., I'll post excerpts and reviews for...
  4. June Foster Book Discussion and Give Away of Ryan's Father.

    June Foster visits my blog from Tues., 4, thru Monday, March 10, to talk about Ryan's Father. Raised with an immoral Mother and an absent Father, the gay man tries to overcome his sexuality and love...
  5. Author Interview with Fay Lamb about Stopped Cold

    Find out what makes Bullet who he is in Stopped Cold.
  6. Stopped Cold on Teens of Today and Tomorrow - E-book Give Away

    smilies/bounce.gif Teens of today and tomorrow hosts Stopped Cold this week. I'll give away an e-book. If you'd like to stop by it's
  7. Replies

    Visit and Give Away

    I'll visit The Barn Door Loft on Thursday, January 23, and Friday, January 24, to talk about Stopped Cold. I'll give away a print copy. If you'd like to stop by it's
  8. Stopped Cold in Preditors /Editors Readers' Poll - Young Adult

    Hello Everyone, My teen novel, Stopped Cold, is in the young adult category on the Preditors and Editors poll. If you think it would be a good book to win, Iíve love to have your vote. Hereís the...
  9. Nice to Meet You, Fanny

    Hi Fanny, Congratulations on your upcoming release! There will be more giveaways for Stopped Cold. Have a Happy New Year! Gail:biggrin:
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone!! Give Away for Stopped Cold!

    Kindle or PDF give away of Stopped Cold just in time for Christmas at www.sleuthsandsuspects.blogspot.comEmilyChristmasWish
  11. Hi Hollie, Glad to know I'm not the only one. LOL.

    Hi Hollie, Glad to know I'm not the only one. LOL.
  12. Ooops. Forgot the addy. Here it is!!
  13. Great Give Aways, Inlcuding Stopped Cold, at the Spootacular on The Balanced Writer

    Hope you can stop by The Balanced Writer and check out all the great give aways, including Stopped Cold. It's my new teen novel about teens solving real problems in the real world. Set in North...
  14. I agree. I'm glad you liked it. I want to try it...

    I agree. I'm glad you liked it. I want to try it also. Have a happy day. Best wishes, Gail
  15. Book Talk, Give Away and Yummy Recipe

    Carole Brown visits my blog from Mon., Oct. 14 - Mon., Oct. 21, to talk about The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman. A book of hope in the darkness, it was a semi-finalist in the ACFW Genesis contest....
  16. Replies

    Anita Higman Visit and Give Away

    Anita Higman visits my blog from Monday, Sept. 23 - Sunday, Sept. 29, to talk about Winter in Full Bloom. A lonely widow learns she has a twin sister at the time she experiences empty nest. Even with...
  17. Suspense Author Anne Patrick Visit and Give Away

    Anne Patrick visits my blog from Monday, August 12 - Sunday, August 16, to talk about her new book, Out of the Darkness. She'll give away a copy of this romantic suspense. To enter to win stop by...
  18. Sizzlin' Summer Sale Still Going on at Front Porch Romance

    Books Half Price. A chance to win a kindle fire OR a $100 gift certificate at Front Porch Romance. Stop by, browse and enter to win the prize. ...
  19. New Five-Star Review for Stopped Cold

    Thanks to Barbara Shelton for her review of Stopped Cold. I hope you get a chance to read it at ...
  20. Summer's Sizzling at Front Porch Romance / Sale / Contest for Kindle Fire

    Get 50 percent off your entire purchase at Front Porch Romance and enter to win a Kindle Fire. Be sure to check out Stopped Cold, my new teen novel, while you're there. It's...
  21. Inspirational Anthology, Sweet Freedom with a Slice of Peach Cobbler, Free on Amazon

    4393 smilies/bounce.gifA new...
  22. Looking for a place, finding meaning -- Margaret McWhorter in Stopped Cold

    Guest blog, excerpt from Stopped Colad at Christa Allan's blog :cool2:
  23. Sweet Romance Author Larry Hammersley Visits - Give Away

    Sweet Romance author Larry Hammersley visits my blog from Monday, June 17 - Monday, June 24, to talk about his new book, A Change of Heart. In it two people who had early bad relationships determine...
  24. Regina Andrews Visits, Gives Away $10 Amazon GC and PDF Download of Her New Book

    The inspirational Regina Andrews visits my blog from Monday, May 20 - Monday, May 27, to talk about her new book, Angels of the Heart, her Sterling Lake series and her faith. In Angels of the Heart a...
  25. Nike Chillemi Talks about Burning Hearts, Grace Awards Finalist,2011, Now in Print.

    Nike Chillemi talks about Burning Hearts, her sweet romance with arson and murder, set right after World War II, on my blog at applause.gif She'll be visiting...
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