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  1. My NEW sweet historical romance is climbing the charts!

    I am thrilled to announce my first NEW sweet historical romance in a year! Rags To Romance debuted last night after presales at 500,000 on the rankings. I am thrilled to say that less than...
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    Blog spots needed

    Hi everyone! Some of you may know me as the sweet historical romance author and up till now I have been lol. However this April I will be embarking on a new 2 in 1 project. First of all I will be...
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    New review!

    Bouncy Icon Smilie From Indtale Reviews! Love's Magic my 9th historical romantic adventure has earned 5 STARS! "Sheffield has taken a typical regency romance and turned it upside down..."...
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    FREE until Sunday!

    The Cracksman's Kiss is free on Amazon until Sunday! If you haven't read any of my other 10 titles here is your chance to try my 11th one FREE. You can check out all my books that are available on my...
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