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  1. Discount Coupon for Smashwords!!

    Now for a limited time you can grab Mabe's Burden for 33% off! Only $1.99 Use coupon code CF59S when you go to check out.
  2. Hi Franny Thanks so much. If you like what you...

    Hi Franny
    Thanks so much. If you like what you see, please spread the word.
  3. Contemporary Romance Trilogy Saving Shenanigans

    Hello Readers! I wanted to let you know I've launched the first book of a new trilogy. The series is titled Saving Shenanigans and the first book is Mabe's Burden. I'll post a separate thread for...
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    Haunted Destiny is BACK!

    My chilling and thrilling YA horror Haunted Destiny has been re-released by World Castle Publishing. In celebration I'm giving away a free signed paperback copy. All you have to do is pop over to...
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    Free Paranormal Romance!

    What do a sexy pirate ghost, a haunted Maine Lighthouse, and a damsel in distress have in common? They are all FREE this WEEKEND ONLY - Download Kelly Abell's Blackheart Point for free on Kindle this...
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