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  1. Lesson 14/Chapter 14 The final lesson of this seminar

    There are actually two chapters left in Telling Tales of Terror. I am not going to cover the very last one in this seminar because it is a collection of advice from a horror publishers. Jason...
  2. Lesson Thirteen/Chapter Thirteen Let's Talk About Evil

    In an earlier lesson, we discussed character creation and touched on monsters. However, this being the dark genres, they deserve a little more attention. Cinsearae Santiago is back in her chapter,...
  3. Lesson Twelve/Chapter Twelve Mood and Setting

    I first met Sephera Giron online through a small press called Dark Tales back around 1999 or so. Since then, I’ve seen her grow as an author and enjoyed many of her books. I’ve been lucky enough to...
  4. Lesson Eleven/Chapter Eleven Women in Horror

    A couple of years back, I sat on a panel at World Horror Convention about Women in Horror. One of the other panelists was Lisa Morton who is a prolific writer of the dark genres. She’s won several...
  5. Hi Eva--Are Vampires good or evil?

    Hi Eva,
    How your portray your vampires is up to you. If they are the heroes (protagonists) of the story, you will want to focus on those positive elements a reader will connect with. If they're...
  6. Lesson Ten/Chapter Ten Book Promotion

    This next chapter in TellingTales of Terror is “The End” Is Just the Beginning: Promoting Your way to the Best Seller List By Danielle Ackley-McPhail. Bear in mind that this is aimed at new authors...
  7. Glad you could join us Julie!

    Hi Julie and welcome! I hope you enjoy the seminar.
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    Lesson Nine/Chapter Nine Action

    Earlier this week I had an action filled afternon when a criminal tried climb my backyard fence and two officers pulled him, and the fence, down. I originally thought I'd write it as an action scene...
  9. We're going to keep on keepin' on! This seminar is extended!

    Hi everyone! I now have permission to keep posting on this seminar so I can cover all the chapter in Telling Tales of Terror. YAY! I intended to post two lessons a day and then life said, "No way!"...
  10. Seminar continuing beyond today!

    Thanks Lyn! I also just received the okay to continue beyond today so I can cover all the chapters! Keep coming back. Grin.
  11. Lesson Eight/Chapter Eight Point of View

    Point of view (POV) is a basic for all writing, not just dark fiction. It can be a hard concept to grasp at first and one which is often the cause of the major rewrites authors hate. For the dark...
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    Lesson Seven/Chapter Seven Dialogue

    This seminar about writing wouldn’t be complete without discussing dialogue. It is possible to write a story without any dialogue but I wouldn’t want to because it would be dry and lifeless.

  13. Lesson Six/Chapter Six Writing Sex Scenes

    I'm sorry it took me so long to post today's lesson. I had some real life drama happen in my back yard today so ended up watching all of it play out and then speaking with the police. I'll tell you...
  14. Bradbury

    I do love Ray Bradbury's work as well. He's one of those greats I grew up with. :)
  15. Lesson Five/Chapter Five Characters and Character Development

    Cinsearae Santiago took on creating characters in her chapter, Characters and Character Development in Telling Tales of Terror. It’s a big subject and one every writer spends a huge chunk of time on...
  16. A story dark?

    Hi Jerry,
    Tell me a little about the story. What's it about? Where does it take place? The dark side could be part of the setting, mood, or character's outlooks.
  17. Hi Lyn

    Thanks for dropping by. That's the nice thing about can catch up or follow along as you have time. :)
  18. Lesson Four/Chapter Four Putting the Occult in Your Fiction

    Kathryn Meyer Griffith is an author with a good forty years experience under her belt. Many of her books have paranormal, supernatural, or occult elements to them. She’s written about vampires,...
  19. Chapter Three/Lesson Three: Suspension of Disbelief

    Carol Hightshoe gives her take on Building the Invisible Bridge: Suspension of Disbelief. I agree with her that this is something extremely important, especially for the fantastical genres: ...
  20. Lesson Two/Chapter Two Psychological Horror

    In Bob Nailor’s chapter in Telling Tales of Terrorc alled Beyond Blood, Guts, and Gore he discusses, among other items, the types of psychological horror. They are internal conflicts, external...
  21. Lesson One/Chapter One: What scares you?

    What Scares You?

    This chapter in Telling Tales of Terror iswritten by Paula Johanson. How often have you seen the advice to “Write what you know”? Most of us have....
  22. Thread: Welcome!

    by Kim Richards


    I hope it's fun too April!
    James, we will be covering humor in horror so keep an eye out on the posts! :)
  23. Thread: Welcome!

    by Kim Richards


    Hello! I'm Kim Richards.
    Today I'd like to get this party started by welcoming you to the seminar and giving you an idea of what we'll cover.
    This is the only time I will promote Telling Tales of...
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