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    Creating magnetic characters

    Hi Susan,

    I love stories whose characters have personality -- people whom I can say I've met but transcribing them from real life to fiction has been an issue for me. BashingHead Do you have any...
  2. :propeller2: Linda, the information you've...

    :propeller2: Linda, the information you've given us has been VERY helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and providing us with reliable software to create book trailers. All the...
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    Images in Book Trailers

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the info. When you are creating your book trailers, do you solely use images from your digital camera or are you able to use images that you find on the web? Do you know...
  4. My question is for Diana Ilinca. What...

    My question is for Diana Ilinca.

    What inspired her to write Zirconya and will there be others from Zirconya who have been placed on Earth and are taken back to the planet?
  5. Twitter and Networking on Socical Communities

    Hi Cassandra,

    In your bio, it says that you like hanging out on Twitter. How did you use Twitter to launch your book Caught? Do you use other social networking sites as well? Have they been...
  6. From Champagne Books - The King Maker

    From Champagne Books available in both print and PDF copy is The King Maker by Susan Frances, a crime thriller with romance and intrigue. :orange:

    Read an excerpt at Champagne Books.
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    Thanks Cassandra, your information is VERY...

    Thanks Cassandra, your information is VERY helpful.
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    Thoughts on Promoting A Novel

    Hi Cassandra,

    My publisher recommends having book markers and/or postcards made with the image of my book cover on them. She also recommends signing them. Have you used this method of promotion,...
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