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  1. Thanks Naomi & everybody else who took part!

    I had a good time these past few weeks and I hope I've shared some worthwhile information with you.

  2. LESSON SIX: Promo products, marketing plans, and links

    This is the last lesson in the seminar. As always, feel free to ask questions. Thanks!

    Now that I know these things about promotion, can I have a simplified marketing plan – if nothing else, do...
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    LESSON FIVE: All About Websites

    Hope everybody had a fun holiday weekend. This is the second-to-last lesson; I'll post the last one tomorrow so people have time to ask questions before the course ends.

    What items are “must...
  4. Lesson Four

    Thank you so much! I hope people are enjoying the class and learning a lot. :jump:
  5. LESSON FOUR: Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

    Thanks for sticking with me through this busy holiday weekend! As always, please feel free to ask questions!

    How do I set up an author page on

    · Go to this URL to get...
  6. Thank you! I posted Lesson Three last night, so...

    Thank you! I posted Lesson Three last night, so hopefully you'll learn more.
  7. LESSON THREE: Blogging, Twitter, and Facebook

    Why should I blog?

    · It keeps your website content fresh, which search engines love.
    · You can share valuable information. If you help or educate others you gain trust and...
  8. LESSON TWO: Book Launches and Signings

    Good morning everybody! As a reminder, please feel free to ask questions whenever you want.
    -- Cassandra

    What can you do before your book’s publication to help make your launch more successful?
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    Awesome! I hope you enjoy it!

    Awesome! I hope you enjoy it!
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    LESSON ONE: Branding and Platform

    What is branding?
    · From Entire process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product (good or service) in the consumers' mind, through advertising...
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    Welcome everybody!

    Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. :-) Over the next 10 days I'm going to be sharing tips and tricks related to author marketing and branding.

    Asking questions is a great way for...
  12. Social Networking sites

    Hi Susan!

    Wait, people are reading my bio?!? (JK)

    Yes, I do like to hang out on Twitter. For each of my books, I schedule Tweets every few hours for the first couple of days to announce a...
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    Bookmarks and postcards for promotion

    Hi Susan!

    If your book is coming out immediately in paperback, sure, you can make bookmarks. If it's not, though, bookmarks don't make much sense. As for postcards, I've done them. Do I think they...
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