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Hi Cassandra,

My publisher recommends having book markers and/or postcards made with the image of my book cover on them. She also recommends signing them. Have you used this method of promotion, and if so, does it work and which company do you use to make the book markers and/or postcards?

Hi Susan!

If your book is coming out immediately in paperback, sure, you can make bookmarks. If it's not, though, bookmarks don't make much sense. As for postcards, I've done them. Do I think they work? It depends on what you're going go to do with them. If your local bookstore or library will keep a stack of them to hand out to readers, or if you're going to a convention, they might work. But I will warn you- paper swag is often thrown away.

Vistaprint is where I get my postcards, and I've heard you can do bookmarks through them by putting the images side by side on a postcard and cutting them yourself. Whether or not you want to do that is up to you. I believe GotPrint does bookmarks, too, and has reasonable prices.

Does that answer your question?