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I have a question for the Editors! Why, with e-books is it not good to begin two or possibly three sentences, one after another, with the same letter. Example, the first sentence begins He, the second, His, or Her? Print books do it all the time.
This doesn't sound like something exclusive to e-books. It's generally much better to vary sentence structure. If every sentence in a paragraph starts with the same, or similar, pronoun, the writing becomes sing-song and boring. By varying how you start sentences, the text becomes more exciting. This is true whether you're writing suspense, romance, or a very dry statistical study. And thank God I don't edit that!

I'm surprised you're finding it that much in print books. I read voraciously, print and e-books, and can't say that I've come across that as a general trend. Maybe you've been reading poorly edited books? Either the author or the editor should have noticed and changed the sentence structure on re-write.

And there's always the possibility that the similar words would line up under each other, making the page look, well, weird. Though e-book editors don't usually get to see how words line up in the final e-book.

Does this answer your question?