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I think I was born writing. I'm sure I was born with a wild imagination, just ask my brothers and sisters. I came home with the craziest stories. But they were true, honest. Well at least they were to my young ears. Okay, maybe I heard wrong, or maybe I elaborated. Maybe, I was just too gullible. I always loved reading. I couldn't wait to go to the library by myself, then I could spend as much time looking at books as I wanted. No one waited for me or hurried me along. I spent hours looking at books. My earliest favorites were the Nancy Drew mysteries and of course Agatha Christie. I loved mysteries. Then I discovered Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney. I love romantic mysteries.
Some of my favorites now are Nora Roberts and Lisa Scottoline.
Greetings, Roseanne! Didn't know you were at CTR, glad to see a friend. That Nancy and Agatha get around, don't they? So do Victoria and Phyllis. And oh, sure, I believe all those stories you told were true, heh heh.