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If you would like to post any or all of what you've done for the five hundred word challenges we'd love to see them! You can reply to this thread and post them.
Not quite 500 words and it's a rough work, but here's mine.


She stared at the sea of various colored roses that glistened like tiny beacons of hope in stark contrast to the atmosphere of gloom and darkness that threatened to engulf her as clouds gathered overhead. Not long ago the bright, colorful flowers reminded her of lighter, joyful things, like Passion, love, happiness and romance. All those things that a first love promised to a girl full of dreams.

Now the soft petals only confused her because she felt no joy gazing upon them. Instead she focused on the sharp thorns, a reminder of the dangerous aspects of the roses. Like pain.

Long ago the love of her life used to bring home the beautiful delicate flowers just to surprise her. An thoughtful gesture that truly made her feel special…
Until that fateful night he'd destroyed her world and shattered her heart into millions of fragments. She'd believed they had built a life together out of love, dedication and hope, but that childish dream had died the night he spoke his callous words and revealed for his part it was out of obligation, which shattered a piece of her very soul.

Once the shock of his cruelty had worn off, no amount of hot chocolate, or number of blankets wrapped around her, hell, not even the fire lit in the fireplace could chase away the cold, emptiness that consumed her to the core. She'd been so naive to trust in his promises.

A mistake she vowed never to repeat.

A few stray tears fell like dew drops on the single rose grasped in her hand as the feeling of utter betrayal washed through her once more. Her hand tightened around the delicate flower and not even the sharp thorns relentlessly digging through her skin could chase away the lingering heartache. It had dulled overtime, but she realized it would never completely vanish.

No longer a child, she was now a woman and it had taken a long time to move past the bitterness his betrayal had caused. She stood among the garden that she had once enjoyed being in and sighed heavily. Forgiveness had been the most difficult she'd ever done, but if she didn't make peace with it, it would haunt her for the rest of her life. She closed her eyes and whispered as the flower crumbled over the fresh grave.

"I forgive you."

Eyes still closed she turned on her heel and walked away, ready to begin her new life.