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I am not good at the hard sell and I really do not respond well when people try the hard sell with me There is a local author who I see at all the events and she is one of the "in your face" authors and even though the subject and setting of her book is interesting to me - chances are that I won't buy her book.

There are so many more subtle and less obnoxious ways to promote and I try to use those. True - it doesn't make me a best seller, but I'm reasonably happy with my results

I promote my ebooks to a point, but I do promote the print more. I list ebook and print for sale on my sale page and people can make their choice about which to buy. I have been encouraged to see the Kindle editions of all but on of my books selling on Amazon.

I hope you continue to learn new and useful things

Nikki Leigh
Thanks, Nikki!

Kindle is a whole new ball game, isn't it? Have you had many inquiries about your titles there? Does Amazon promote the books they have on Kindle or is it still up to the author?