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Could you do that easier by just highlighting CTR and changing it yourself? Sure thing. But what if you had to change a document full of them? Ever had to change the spelling of a character's name once you're halfway through a book? How about a string of labels... This command gives you a way to ensure you make all the changes to all the places the text is found, either one step at a time, or by clicking "Replace All".

Warning: use care with Replace All. I once changed all occurrences of ing to ed trying to change words like working to worked, etc. Imagine my surprise when I came across this: "Put the thed down," she said. *What the..." I had changed "thing" to "thed".
Going thru edits has taught me so many new tricks with Word (like track changes). I use the font color trick quite often. It's the only way to ensure I don't miss any instances of a particular word.

and I too have made the "replace all..." mistake. I decided to be cute and change all the instances of "his" to "her" in a highlighted portion of text (character went thru a sex change...teehee) and suddenly I had "ther" (this) and "hertory" (history) and "hersed" (hissed)--and some others--all over that section. I was happy I didn't do the whole document and that the "undo" command exists.

Question: has anyone had Word tell you its not going to do automatic spelling and grammar correction because your document is too big?