Hello everyone, if anyone can give me great tips on gardening it would be most helpful. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it is hard for me to maneuver and bend with my knees, so I have considered planting inside some of the seeds in a huge container that will sit on heights. Then I considered a greenhouse type of effect, any suggestions on any of this? Or is it expensive? I am open to any advice.

I did see on a cooking show where Paula Deen had advice she received about taking two bales of hay, digging out a hole then planting the tomato plant inside to have some great tomatoes. She even said that placing a few small daffodils near the hay would help keep some of the bugs away but I have yet to give that a try. I just donít want to wait long in planting but I feel as if I may have once again wasted some time.

Hugs, Linda