Hi, everyone! Thanks so much to Hollie and the rest of the Coffee Time crew for allowing me this opportunity to participate in the Coffee Write series. I'm really looking forward to hanging out with everyone for the next month and seeing what kind of paranormal fun we can create together! With that in mind, let's go ahead and get this party started, what do ya say? Here's our opening paragraph. Have at it, gang! (Remember - we'll find some diplomatic way to decide whose contributions to this story are the best by month's end. I've got prizes to give away to the best entries, so get your muses fired up and on the case!)


If, as the song goes, “love hurts,” then Eric VanMeter supposed that the molten agony that now ripped through his lower abdomen meant he was destined to marry the woman who had just kicked him in the balls. Or was doomed to marry her, at any rate. Because Lilith Nevan wasn’t any ordinary woman. A lamia, a spiritual second-cousin to the better known succubus variety of demons, Lilith could kill a man as easily as she could sleep with him. And considering he still whooped for breath, his eyes smarting, his crotch throbbing, Eric figured she’d settle for the former, not the latter, in his case.