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    Sorry for the delay in posting a winner. When the website and forum at Coffee Time went down, I thought maybe our story would be extended a few days, since we lost 3. But oh, well. I'm glad the site is back up and running and wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten you!

    Thanks for making this story terrific. Everyone did such a fantastic job, choosing a winner from so many great entries was difficult. But since vitch36 took the plunge and did the hardest part -- writing the ending -- I'm going to award her the prize. Vitch36, please email me at with your name and snail mail address and I'll send you a signed copy of "Dark Thirst," my vampire romance book. I'll also throw in a signed copy of the sequel, "Dark Hunger," too, since you had to wait so long to find out you won.

    I had a ball, guys. Thanks so much to everyone for your creativity, hard work and generosity in sharing your ideas and talents! Thanks, too, to Hollie and the gang at CTR, because you all have an amazing online romance community and I'm so pleased to be a part of it!

    Sara Reinke
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    to the world of the past...
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    As excited as I am...wanted to THANK everyone who was writing this.

    I had a BALL with this one and it was thanks to the fantastic ideas from all the coffee write gals.

    But thank you SO much Sara and I'm e-mailing you now. Need more books and YOURS sounds fantastically NAUGHTY!!

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    Congratulations Vitch you will love Sara's books i have them both and they are amazing. i'm now waiting to find out of Brandon is going to be ok. HINT HINT

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    Congratulations vitch. Great ending to the story!

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