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    Default Dark Resurrection by John A. Karr

    Not an original Thread title but it'll do for now, eh?

    Hey, I'm John. How about a little horror fun in your life? Don't be scared ... yet. If you enjoy the early works of the grand master of horror, Stephen King, sprinkled with inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe, chances are you'll like this one! (JAK Times Survey, 04/05/07, 99 out of 100 zombies polled responded with a rotting thumbs-up)

    If you like it, how about posting a review in My Bookstore And More before my editor Linda whips a poor writer (and not in a good way)? If you don't like it, keep your opinion on the low and I'll do better next time ;^)

    Here's the link and blurb from Dark Resurrection:

    Dark Resurrection by John A. Karr
    ISBN: 1-59998-449-0
    Length: Plus Novel
    Price: $6.50
    Genre: Horror
    Publication Date: March 27, 2007
    Surgeon Victor Galloway kept death at bay in the operating room-now death has claimed him. Resurrected against his will, he must fight for his family and his soul.

    Victor Galloway is a prominent surgeon and family man. When he suffers a heart attack, he claws his way to the phone and dials 911. The paramedics arrive, smile down at him and quickly administer a lethal injection.

    Victor's life is ending, but his nightmare has just begun.
    Close to death and strapped to a gurney, he's offered an unholy deal by Tobias, H.E.L.L.'s CEO: Use his surgical skills to harvest the living to feed the undead in exchange for immortality.

    Refused but not to be denied, Tobias presses his unwilling recruit into the ranks of the undead. Whether by chance or divine intervention, Victor is different from the others. He is a monster with a conscience, a force for good ensnared by evil, and the only one willing to stand against Tobias and his burgeoning nest of zombies. He must destroy them, but doing so risks the lives of his family and the last hospital employee with a pulse.

    This book has been previously published and has been revised from its
    original release.

    Warning, this title contains the following: dark themes, graphic violence, language, gore, and a smattering of explicit sex.
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