I never had a problem with that, most of the time I used calibre (a free program that allows you to organize your books into series, genre etc... when they're on your Sony) to upload books onto my Sony. On the odd occasion, when I was in a rush, I did just drag and drop though. And always with no problems. The only time I ever had a problem loading a book on my Sony that wasn't from the Sony store was when I'd purchased a secure epub from All Romance -- but their huge FAQ section solved that little problem for me
check out calibre, that program is awesome!

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I LOVE my Sony eReader PR505 - and I have had it for a year.

During this year, I have noticed that sometimes (especially with books by Tourque Press - but once in a while, it will happen with another press) that I will be reading in medium print - and the next page (or three) will be small print and there is nothing I can do about it. Then I turn a page and the medium print will be back - only to repeat itself down the line.

The story is still readable, but a pain in the butt to do it, as the print is so small and light (even with glasses. ) If I am reading in bed at night and this happens, I have to either put it up and continue in the morning, or go start another story that doesn't have the problem.

Is this something other Sony owners have experianced? Is this a format problem on my end or an error in downloading my purchase? Should I contact the publishers of the e-book and alert them that their particular story I bought from them has some kinks (and not of the sexual kind)?

Thanking you in advance