Not a pleasant topic, granted, but the 14th century bubonic plague outbreak figures prominently in my upcoming Ellora's Cave vampire novel, Plagued (release date July 4--with a GORGEOUS cover). It's an unusual erotic romance--contemporary, for the most part, but with occasional forays into the England of 658 years ago. It's also a story of many moods, a variety of settings, and some rather...well...interesting secondary characters. I loved doing the research for this book, since I'm fascinated by history in general, and would love to discuss it with you!

More updates: Cauldron of Keridwen (title slightly changed) will be the Ace of Cups book in EC's "Torrid Tarot" series. I'm also hoping to have a Halloween "Quickie" out at EC. You Can Leave Your Bat On is intensely sensual as well as funny--a sexy romp for a spooky night.

Gotta get into town now. Such a shame that life has to interfere with writing!

K. Z.