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That's great SJ. Another great PIACT mission.
Thankee, now that I've finished MOMS I'll see what I can do about getting caught up on them.

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so do you think he's trying to tell me I'm all wet?
Oh, baby but you look so cute

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This was great! At least I wasn't in this one losing my clothes.

No Tree, he's not telling you that. And even if he was, look on the bright side, you got to be rescued by hot, naked men!
Well, I won't say anything about the hot naked men... maybe you have a few hanging around the corner, or is that well hung around the corner...

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I'm all a quiver waiting for it... NOT!

Crap, won't he let me keep my clothes on in front of the cameras for a change? I'd rather someone else get caught naked on YouTube for a change. I mean I'd get naked for a mission especially if there are hot HUNKS involved (and I get naked for HOT, HOT, HOT men), but I don't want to be naked on YouTube again.
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Thanks Riley's!