I'm psyched! Mrs. Giggles gave my sexy new sci-fi erotic romance Valuable Cargo an 83!

"I initially thought Valuable Cargo would be a sleazy smutty sex romp, but I'm quite pleasantly surprised to find that this one has actual plot and credible romance. The story does follow many of the formulaic tropes typical of futuristic romances right down to the fundamental premise, but the author takes the effort and time to show me that the main characters are connecting on an emotional as well as physical level. I really appreciate that. Garrick and Tanna are likable, intelligent, and capable characters. When they do have sex, it seems like a natural progression of their relationship instead of some eye-rolling "Look, readers! Sex scenes! Isn't this story hot?" gratuitous titillation moment.

In the meantime, the pacing is good, the secondary characters aren't intrusive, and the author manages to sneak in some exposition without making the whole thing seems too obvious or too much like a dry lecture.

I initially began reading this with one foot at the exit, so to speak, because I was expecting this to be some tawdry orgy-in-space story. How wonderful that this one turns out to be quite a solid read."

Rating: 83

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