I meant to try and post twice a week, but this week it didn't happen. I hurt my back and nothing is going the way I wanted it too.

I have been working on a new historical romance titled Freedom's Treasure. It is a sequel to The River's Treasure and is Sam's story. Sam was a slave that Cooper and Arnou purchased in the first book. Everyone loved Sam, so I gave him his own story. I'm on page 374, so I am nearly done. I hope to finish it this month.


Sam walked to the window and pulled her into his arms. “You need to trust Miss Becka and Coop. They will make sure they are safe.”>>
“No.” Jubilee tried to pull away. “The slave hunters will catch us.”>>
“Jubilee, they may catch us anyways. We don’t know what will happen.” He sighed. “We have to trust someone.”>>
“I trust you. The others mean well. They want to feel they are helping, but they don’t see anything but what they want. They can’t keep us safe. Only we can do that.”>>
“You don’t know that going north is going to keep us safe. Hector will follow as soon as he finds out we aren’t here at the farm. He will never stop. He won’t care if he follows us north where he isn’t allowed to hunt slaves. He will only care that I killed three of his friends. He will never stop looking for us.”

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