"This is for you, babe." Donato pressed his erection between her ass cheeks. "I'll do anything for you, today." He rubbed her nipples between his fingers and pinched enough to make her groan for more. >>
"If you fantasize about two cocks, you'll have them." he continued in a slow, warning tone. "But, please know that payback is a bitch and I always get what is owed to me.">>
Damn, his finger snaked down her body, between her thighs, over her clit, and hooked into her pussy. She pushed her aching clit against his palm and wet her lips as Jan cock sprang from the prison of his briefs.>>
"What type of payback?" Tiffany breathed, grinding her way to a dark part of heaven. >>
Donato held her tight, brought her head back to his shoulder and supported her as her body succumbed to the excitement of the moment. Moisture drenched her core and anticipation raked her body as Donato sank a second finger into her hole and Jan closed his mouth over her sensitive nipple. >>
Tiffany was still standing, or she was being held upright, when Jan dropped to his knees and tongue dove for her wet pussy, spreading her legs and taking her weight over his shoulders. His tongue flicked over her clit, stroking and encouraging the fire inside her to build. She thought she would explode from need, but Donato cupped her breasts and brought his naked thighs beneath hers at the very moment she was about to fall. >>
His long thick shaft fit beneath her, and slid between her wetness, he spread her pussy wide and made her hole throb for a cock. She looked down at Jan’s blonde head, nestled between her legs, and marveled at the mere fact that two gorgeous men were servicing her, Tiffany, a hard up executive who rarely made time for herself. >>
Jan’s groan grounded her to the present and she moaned as he ran his expert tongue from the rounded tip of Donato’s cock to her clit. Damn, she gushed with pleasure. She was so wet; she wouldn’t be able to hold a dick inside her.>>
“More,” Jan said. “You taste so fucking delicious.”>>
Her clit pulsed and her channel throbbed. Tiffany angled her hips and Donato obliged her, filling her with his cock.>>
She did hold him inside. She clamped so hard on him and took him as deep as the position allowed. Donato was long and wide, and she never appreciated his size till the moment her entered her from behind and rubbed the spot inside her that he knew sent shivers over every inch of her body. When Jan’s teeth scraped the outline of her clit, she couldn’t hold back any longer. She let go and the stars exploded as she fell into a dark ecstasy like no other. >>
“Come on, babe,” Jan said, wiping a wet towel over her forehead. “No passing out from pleasure allowed.”>>
“There’s more?” Tiff blinked slowly, focusing on the naked, and erect, men standing before her.>>
“Absolutely,” Donato replied, rolling her onto her stomach and pulling her to her knees. “You said you wanted two cocks, babe. Do we get to choose where?”>>

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