Thank you for popping in to see what's happening. I'm working hard to get the edits done for this manuscript so I can be out by Thanksgiving. Not sure I'll make my deadline because I seem to think I'm superwoman and have too many sticks in the fire! Have you ever done that? Just trying to get so many thing accomplished at once and hope you can make it all happen. I'm going to try anyway, I've never been one to give up, even when the load seems too heavy.

I hope you hang in there with me even if it's to see whether I can accomplish this or not! LOL You know I'll give it my best shot.

The story takes place in England, 1778 with ships, pirates, dukes and a wonderful love story to beat all odds and a second chance at 'the love of a lifetime' - take a peek at a few chapters at and you'll find them under "Fire on the Water" which is the old title but I've not changed it on that website yet.

again, thanks for stopping in and be sure to visit me at my chat room on Tuesday evenings!