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    Question Dating the pet food?

    I am sure you have all heard about the scare that California is having with bad/tainted pet food.

    Does anyone plan on changing any of their habits now since all of this has come to light?
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    Default Pet food Recall

    The food I use is ok still. California Natural, Royal Canin, and Wellness seem to be unaffected. Purina and Pedigree Products also did not make the recall. Beware of Jerky Treats and Dingo treats and anything with WHEAT gluten in them. Luckily if you use canned food, Kmart is running specials in Pedigree and Alpo 20 cans for $10. Not bad considering I haven't seen it in the supermarket for less than .80 a can. Good luck all.

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    I don't know what alternative I should use aside from the ones I am used to
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    So far we've had good luck with our pet's food. I don't plan on changing it unless I hear about something about their food being harmful.
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    I feed a homemade diet since the recall, although the brand I used (Purina) was not recalled. I make four for them approximately twice a week because I have 4 dogs and each batch has to be very large.

    I spoke to my vet last Saturday when I brought in 2 dogs for annual visits and he suggested that I reduce the protein amount that I was giving and increase the fat, but all and all felt it was fine.

    I keep the Purina kibble here just in case we run out but so far have kept up with them. They really like it and I try to vary it a little each time by changing the starch or vegetable source so it is more well-rounded. I also give a multi-vitamin to all.
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    One of our cats became ill due to the recall. We caught it early and eventually all was well. We changed the food from Hills (wet) to normal store brand (wet) Meow Mix and continued with Dry 9 lives. The "new" wet didn't have the recalled ingredient so we thought we were being safe.
    One of our (other) older (11 years) cat began eating, drinking and peeing way more then normal. we brought her to the vets and found out she was diabetic. A normal count is 180? I think they said. My cat was 620.

    I'm telling you this because I was told a food change in older animals can cause problems. (All due to the recall) We now have diabetic food and need 2 insulin injections a day. If it were not for the recall this wouldn't have happened at least not yet.

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