The theme for this week’s Snippet Saturday is first love. I looked at all my titles and couldn’t find one that would fit. After some thought, I decided I’d post an excerpt from Make That Man Mine. Jack is the first man Emma falls for and she’s determined to make him the last.

Make That Man Mine by Shelley Munro

Emma marched into the offices of George Taniwha & Co. the next morning, a woman with a mission. After spending her twenty-fifth birthday with her girlfriends and not one man in sight, she’d come up with a resolution. With the help of her tipsy friends, she’d decided to go for it.

Get Jack Sullivan to notice her or bust.

A smile—was that too much to ask for? No, dammit, it wasn’t. And that would be just the start. She intended to progress from there—from a smile and good morning to down and dirty sex. Her breasts tingled at the thought and a swooping sensation spiraled through her lower belly. Of course, she wouldn’t go as far as stalking the man, but she wasn’t going to be a shy little wallflower either. Emma Montrose was coming out of the shade and going after the man she wanted. She was going to act like the fictional taniwha on George Taniwha & Co.’s letterhead—formidable and determined, ready to scare Jack into thinking her way. By the time she was finished, he was going to know she was interested. Then he could take the next step.

She drew herself up. No. That wasn’t right. She wasn’t letting him slide out of her sights without a fight. She’d take the second and third steps and as many other steps as the situation required.

Emma pushed aside several possible scenarios, concentrating on and visualizing the one she wanted. A secret smile curled across her lips as she fluffed her short curly hair.

Two lovers.

Emma and Jack.

Horizontal dancing.

Heat seeped into her face at the thought. Emma yanked out her office wheelie chair, plonked her butt on it then grabbed up a pile of envelopes off the desk to fan her face. This brave new Emma might embarrass her a little, but she’d try to keep up.

The front door of the office opened, and Emma straightened abruptly, her backbone hitting the back of the chair. Well. No time like the present to put her plan into action.
Emma put her best receptionist manner into practice and flashed a smile. “Good morning, Jack.”

The man froze like a possum in headlights, giving Emma the opportunity to look her fill. He was tall and built like a rower with powerful shoulders, slim hips and a butt that she’d really like to get her hands on. His hair was shiny black, halfway between short and long and in need of a cut, making her fingers itch to smooth the messy strands away from his face. A dreamy sigh squeezed past her lips. The man was blessed with sun-kissed skin, no matter what the season. She often wondered what he looked like beneath the layers of clothing. Did the gorgeous olive tones that were a legacy from his Maori ancestors extend all over his body?

Hopefully she’d be in a position of knowledge soon.


The word came out as a grunt, but it was a definite improvement on being treated as part of the office furniture. Emma forced away the sudden surge of nerves and looked him straight in the eye. “Are you here to see George?”


“Okay.” Emma’s breath caught, her lungs filling with his seductive scent—something that reminded her of the mystical Orient with hints of orange and patchouli and a healthy dose of masculine musk. Emma found herself staring. Holding his gaze felt like poking her finger into a hot fire. Dangerous. Crazy. A challenge. Sorta made a girl wonder what it would feel like to have him thrust deep in her womb. A sensuous shiver swept through her body and arousal soaked her panties without warning.

Emma gulped and licked lips that were suddenly dry. All that from merely passing pleasantries. What would happen if they were naked? Together? Get a grip, she thought sternly as her hormones went haywire. A cough cleared her throat. “I’ll let him know you’re here.”

Hmmm. Not bad for the first time. She’d do better with the next meeting.

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