This is my first article for Sex Is Magazine, the magazine published by the sex toys company Edenfantasys. This article is entitled "When Erectile Dysfunction Hits Home: Or, How NOT To Turn Your Man Into A Meat Dildo...".

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Here is an excerpt:


About four years ago, my husband Bill began having trouble maintaining an erection. Since both of us enjoyed sex—a lot—we were quite dismayed. Bill loved watching me as I became aroused, especially since I have always had a highly charged libido, but even so, his erections began to peter out before I could achieve orgasm, or worse, he wouldn’t be able to get hard at all.

We had no idea what on earth was going on. I thought it was my fault. Bill had always gotten a big kick out of the intensity of my sexual desire for him. He’d even joked that I’d broken his dick—twice. (I’d gotten a little carried away in our lovemaking a couple of times, and his equipment couldn’t handle it.) What if I had actually broken it?

Or what if I’d simply scared Dick? Bill said, “No way!”… but I wasn’t so sure. I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d been putting too much pressure on him to have sex. Sometimes I worried that since I was older, perhaps he no longer found me attractive. But that wasn’t it. I knew Bill wasn’t interested in other women. He wanted only me. So why were his erections deflating before we’d had a chance to enjoy ourselves?


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