"You Are What You Eat: Foods That Improve Your Sex Life" is another one of my articles for Sex Is Magazine. Did you know that not only the foods you eat affect your sex drive, they also affect how you taste to your partner? Read this article and learn why adding pineapple and pineapple juice to your diet will make your sex life even more fun.

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Cut down on red meat, which makes you feel sluggish. Nothing puts a monkey wrench in your sex life like feeing too full and tired. Instead of red meat, eat lean meats such as chicken and turkey. If possible, choose organic meats that are low in hormones, antibiotics, and additives. Beans, nuts, and seeds are high in protein as well, and they will improve your sex drive and stamina. Both men and women benefit from a well-balanced diet that will enhance their sexuality.

Last but not least is that ultimate guilty pleasure, chocolate. Specifically dark chocolate. The delightful dark brown creamy bundle of decadence is high in phenylalanine, an amino acid that raises the body's natural anti-depressants – endorphins. Enjoy chocolate in moderation so that you don't end up feeling too bloated. Chocolate can lift your mood and libido. What's not to love?


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