Okay, so many of you may already know about this great recipe, but I just found it. I am sharing it in case.

in your crockpot

put one sliced onion in the bottom

in a mixing bowl mix your chicken (can be any form, I used leg quarters with bone in and skin on) with salt, pepper, paprika two tablespoons of good oil (olive, canola) and your twenty cloves of garlic peeled but not chopped.

Mix well and dump over onions in the crockpot.

Cook for ten to twelve hours on low.

Use the chicken in any recipe from chicken spaghetti to chicken salad. It is already seasoned right.

use the broth for soups and other broth dishes, it is seasoned perfectly

use the garlic cloves to make fantastic garlic spread with butter for italian bread.

the only thing you dont use is the bones!!!