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    Xwriter If you're wondering where I've been...

    For once I haven't been in the Hospital Yay!

    I've been rather quiet this month, mainly because I set myself the rather impossible task of finishing three and a half novels by christmas.

    Guess what?

    I've just finished the second one! YAYAYAYAYAY!

    The second novel for 2009 is Clipping Pegasus's Wings

    Set in the same universe as my PIACT undercover agent series, CPW is the tale of one small colony (roughly 3 million peeps) and their fight in the war against the Separatists and an enemy more evil than anyone (except me of course) could have imagined.

    It revolves around a group of mothers who joined the PIACT Military Observation and Mission Specialist's (M.O.M.S.) team and their efforts to save the colony from a particularly insidious series of attacks. Here's the blurb.

    Hardworking mothers by day, even harder working M.O.M.S. by night! The agents from the special PIACT Military Observation and Mission Specialist unit fight hard and love harder while they risk and do almost anything to protect the ones they love.
    Peaceful and productive, Pegasus V is a jungle paradise where over half of its citizens work for the Federation military. Set far behind the front lines of the war the people of Gunthry—Pegasus V’s only city—never suspected the dark secrets and shadows which threatened their very existence. Even less did they know the only thing which stood between three million families, and certain death, was eleven dedicated wives and mothers—
    —the PIACT M.O.M.S.

    I need to work through the first draft and smarten it up some, but boy, I'm feeling pretty good inspite of the almost constant pancreatitus. This is the first time I've ever written two books in a year, and it looks like I might even finish a third.

    I might make it as an author yet!

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