If you want to enjoy some hot and sexy romps away from home in a hotel, but you aren't quite sure how to set up your little vacation, read my article "Hotel Sex: A Short Guide To Getting It On Away From Home".

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Is your sex life suffering because you’ve just got too much going on? Need a break from the job, the kids, the dog… your mother-in-law? Then it’s time to get your ass—along with the ass of the one you love—to a nice hotel (or bed and breakfast) for a little playcation. When you’re guesting at a hotel, you’re no longer a P.T.A. member, dog walker, employee, taxpayer, or boss; you’re a creature whose sole intent is to get your fuck on, so pack the kids off to Grandma’s and book a room. Just be sure to follow this list of handy dos and don’ts.

DO try something different. Hotels that have an unusual history can inspire some great sex and are easy to find on the Internet. For instance, a stay at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado (where horror writer Stephen King penned The Shining) or a bed and breakfast where a famous murder took place, such as the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Fall River, Massachusetts, may send shivers down your spine, but there’s nothing like a little tingly fear to bring lovers closer together. “Honey, hold me… I’m scared and horny.”


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