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While psychic Martha Ellis McKay may the the Gift,
a skeptic's heart beats in her breast. She has seen
her share of fakes, and she does not take kindly
to them. Evenworse is when she is accused of
being one. So imagine her chagrin when she expects
to spend a quiet weekend at the Sandpiper Inn
working on a book about haunted houses only to
meet a ghost hunting team with its own resident
skeptic, who greets Ellis with a jaundiced eye.

She has met her match in both getting to the bottom
of the haunting of the Sandpiper Inn and proving to
skeptic John “Beck” Becker that she is the real deal.
The problem is that Beck and Ellis have more
serious worries. The Sandpiper Inn holds a dark secret
that threatens to destroy them both. What awaits
them as they delve into the history of the Sandpiper
Inn? And will their investigations bring them closer
together or drive them further apart?


He turned on the recorder and leaned forward, his lips
brushing against Ellis’s hair. Her entire body felt alert, as
if she would jump at his mere touch. When his tongue
found her earlobe, she gasped with excitement. He held
the recorder about a foot in front of him.

“Are there any spirits in this room who would like to
speak to us?”

They paused and looked at each other. Ellis shrugged her

“Please tell us your name. Are you Lealand Chase?” Beck

Ellis waited for the familiar pinch on her butt, but none
came, to her relief.

“I doubt Lealand Chase is here now.”

“How can you be sure?”

“He hasn’t pinched me or sucked on my earlobe. The
man is a pest.”

“Then let’s lure him out.” Ellis melted into Beck’s embrace
when his hand reached around to squeeze her breast. So, he
felt playful? She liked that. She leaned against his body, wanting
to feel his hands traveling over her breasts, her stomach, her hips.
His lips felt warm and moist as they brushed against her throat.
Was Lealand Chase the jealous type, or would he sit in the back
of the room and watch? The idea of being spied on by a randy
ghost made her cream her panties. She wanted Beck to ravish
her again right here in his room. Fooling around sounded like
fun. She could giggle in his ear as he played with her nipples.
The hair on her arms stood on end. Being with Beck made her
feel like a teenager all over again. Having sex and having fun
was just the thing to cheer both of them up.

“Lealand Chase, you lecherous old fool, this is your chance,” Beck
said. He chewed on her earlobe, reducing her to giggles. He held
the recorder ahead of them. “If you are here, watching us do the
nasty, make yourself known.”

Ellis half expected Lealand Chase to smack Beck upside the head,
since she was certain he was the jealous type. She doubted he
would have liked it if his wife had cheated on him as much as he
had cheated on her. She liked the idea of making Chase jealous.

Beck slipped one hand beneath her bra and cupped her left breast.
Her hard nipple pressed against his palm, hungry for his touch. She
wanted to feel his warm, moist lips against her nipples again. She
shifted her legs where she stood, feeling the heat rise in her pussy.
Did they have time before GHOST came to his room, wondering where
they were?

“Lealand, are you watching us?” Ellis asked, gasping for air as Beck
massaged her breast. She wanted to feel his fingers on her pussy,
pressing and rubbing her swollen clit until she cried out in ecstasy.
As quickly as she could, she unzipped her jeans and sent them falling
to the floor. Without needing to be asked, Beck’s hand moved from her
breast, down her belly, and into her black lace panties. She was so wet
she knew she’d leave a trail.