Wonderful news! My Inspirational Romance, Reservation for Two, was picked up by Whiskey Creek Press. WooHoo! However, there seems to be another Ann Patrick writing for themóhence my alter ego. I was a little disappointed with the news that Iíd have to come up with another pen name (my mom was the one who came up with Anne Patrick) but Iím quickly getting used to it. Itís sort of exciting really. And I suppose itís probably a good idea since this novel is strictly an Inspirational romance. That way my readers wonít be disappointed when they pick it up expecting to find a story filled with murder and mayhem.
Reservation for Two is a story that is very close to my heart because the main character, Maggie OíBrien is a combination of some very special ladies in my life who was the inspiration behind the story. Have you ever had an idea grab hold of you to the point where youíre almost consumed by it? Well thatís what happened with this one. I came up with the idea last Thanksgiving and by New Years I had my first draft. It was the fastest Iíd ever written anything. If you'd like to read an excerpt, go to my blog and click on alter ego in the side bar- then book excerpt. Oh and let me know what you think of the background.