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    Default Characters and Setting


    Rhys: Human, dark eyes, dark hair, muscular from work on board a warship. Wears dark clothes, but only puts on leather when he's in the mood to be dominant with Tiago. Works in Munitions Control, repairing weapons and ensuring the ship's targeting system works. Remains on board. Always the leader, and a strong alpha.

    Tiago: Kin (a human-feline race), silver-white hair, one blue eye and one green eye. Nevers wears leather, as on his homeworld, that's forbidden except to warriors (female) or their spouses. Aroused by seeing Rhys in leather.

    Non-human features: soft, bronze-colored, teddy-bear-plush "furskin" covering him except for face and throat, hands, and bottoms of feet. Can't be rubbed the wrong way. His pupils are elongated ovals like a cat, and his incisors are half-again as long as a human's, giving him upper and lower fangs. He hisses when irritated. Has toe claws instead of toenails, his fingers look human and have nails, but beneath are recessed claws which unsheath when he curls his fingers. Trimmed, they're not dangerous, but can be sharpened and used like weapons to pierce to the bone. Uses clawtips to pick up tiny flat items, but for a tiny ball-bearing, he'd use fingertips. Agile, never suffers from low-gravity queasiness or loses balance, and like a true cat, he lands on his feet. Excellent sense of smell, and can sense emotions. Knows when Rhys is serious. Could be an alpha if he chose, but willingly lets Rhys take the lead.

    They work overlapping shifts in the munitions department, so they work together four hours out of eight, and Rhys is off before Tiago.


    Home: Her Majesty's Imperial Armada Ship HMIAS Crusher, one of the heaviest battle cruisers in the Armada. Currently in deep space on the fringes of the Tarthian Empire.

    Ship's company: 250 humans, 15 Kin (like Tiago, feline-humanoid).

    Ship's cargo/passengers: roughly 50,000 Imperial Armada Marines and all the firepower they can fit on board.
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