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The story is starting to shape together nicely guys! I am not much of a sci-fi fan myself but who doesn't love some man love...I tried but what I know about sci-fi could be put in a ring box lol. I didn't even watch the star trek shows, old or new. Although...does galaxy quest count? LMAO.
I agree - it has a lot of action! And for not being a SciFi person, you did very well. I liked your inventiveness. Have you ever watched a movie about pirates or the mafia? Well, starships / spaceships / space battle cruisers are really only technologically advanced versions of the hulking ships that sailed the seas, and where there is cargo (loot), there will always be pirates (mafia). Put it in that perspective and you'll do fine.


I thought we'd take a minute to ensure we know who the players are in this universe, what their motives are, identify their comrades.

To Tiago and Rhys, who are members of the Imperial Armada and serve the empress, the All People's Liberation Army (APLA) are rebel scum and deserters.

The APLA views the Armada as nothing more than brutish slavers who conquer worlds and care nothing about people or justice. To the APLA, the Armada are the pirates who show up on their worlds, claim the planet is theirs and take over. (Does this ring any bells? Hmm. Thought so...)

Overall, the Armada and APLA both agree that Pirates are never to be trusted. Or ... are they?

In a nutshell, here's the difference between their goals and missions.
  • Pirates want loot and weapons to use or sell on the black market, bootleg weapons, ammo, medical supplies, anything that makes a quick profit.
  • Armada captains are to protect imperial trade routes, the ships that ply their routes, and ensure security of the empire's member worlds.
  • APLA soldiers steal to eat, keep their weapons and ships flying, and take care of their wounded.
  • Pirate captains each want to make themselves king of their corner of the empire.
  • Armada captains coordinate strikes against both rebels and pirates. Fighting battles on two fronts puts them at great risk. Plus, they consider the "resistance" (they refuse to recognize them as an army) hardly seem a threat.
  • APLA captains are unifying under an enigmatic leader to overthrow an oppressive regime and free the empire. Everywhere members go, they scratch or write the words "APLA was here" to confuse the Armada's count of encounters and numbers, and make their forces seem larger than they are.
  • Pirates rarely cooperate with each other and are constantly at war to be top dog.
  • Armada captains follow strict rules of protocol and are unflinchingly chained to nearly 400 years of tradition. They do not adapt as quickly and are constantly struggling to keep up. Both pirates and APLA have hindered delivery of supplies of all types, resulting in demoralization of troops, and inadequate repairs and upkeep.
  • APLA captains band together no matter what the cost and will give their lives to save one another. Not all are noble, but the best are.
  • Something Pirates, the APLA and the Armada each have in common: all have moles inside their ranks, from both of the other sides. All three know to some extent what the others are doing. How accurate is the intel? That remains to be seen.
So... knowing all this, how might the next part of this story go? Many possible scenarios could emerge. You aren't limited to any of the ones below. These are simply a list to get you started on a new idea or twist.

What if...
  • ...Renn and Kar try to recruit Rhys and Tiago to the APLA and this was really a good way for them to do that?
  • ...Renn and Kar are Pirates and only want the ship and cargo, then plan to kill anyone who gets in their way when they take over the vessel? Do Tiago and Rhys save the day?
  • ...Balboa calls on a former captain friend who's gone over to the Pirate side, and he or she comes swooping in to rescue them, leaving Rhys and Tiago to wonder whose side Balboa is really on?
  • ...a Rebel that used to be in love with Rhys shows up and joins the fight, making Tiago go completely feral and decide to fight for his territory (aka Rhys). Kin males have fangs and claws that can puncture down to the bone and rip off meat. Not domesticated little kittens, even tho they purr and cuddle like one. He's a fearsome warrior, despite being reared in a society where males are followers and females are the warriors.
  • ...you think of something totally different?
I'm enjoying guiding this joint journey and can't wait to see where it goes. Jump in and let's see where we go next!