Quick update on things here...

Just finished all I can do on Space Burps. so once Tree has done her two small bits that will be the third novel I'll have finished this year.

Can you beleive it. one novel every two years S.J. had completed three in one year. I still can't beleive I've done it yet.

Okay so I still have to polish them up and that but they're written right?

Okay next tihng I intend to do is get Sabby's agent tale out there. It kinda took the backseat for a while since I as working on MOMS and Space Burps. But I'm in for a bit of catching up.

Secondly, I have an appointment with a surgeon on the 11th November to see if they can do anything to help me get rid of this constant pancreactic pain. It's getting ridiculous and is starting to take over my life, I want the pain out and I want it out now. I've got books to write... lots of books.

Just a question for you guys, i'd like to make my newsletter more appealing to folks, would little things like recipes and that make it more interesting for you, and if so what bits and peices would you like to see.