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    writersblock My weekly blog

    My very sincere intention is to do a new post to my blog every Sunday morning. Of course, 'sincere intention' doesn't always translate to reality.

    I'll add a note on this thread when I have a new blog posted.

    Be sure to check out my current website contest.

    March 30, 2014: Deleted old notes.

    JUNE 22, 2014: Deleted old notes.

    SEPTEMBER 7, 2014: Deleted old notes.

    December 7, 2014: Deleted old notes.

    February 15, 2015: Deleted old notes.

    May 17, 2015: Deleted old notes.

    August 16, 2015: Deleted old notes.
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    WEEK OF JULY 19, 2015
    Nude beaches--there are legally designated locations all over the world (well...probably not in Antarctica). Check out my blog this week for information on some of these.
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    WEEK OF JULY 26, 2015
    Wars have been part of human history from the beginning. Some wars have been local and others have been fought out on the world stage. Check out my blog this week for a look at 10 Little Known Wars, some ludicrous and others more serious.
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    WEEK OF AUGUST 2, 2015
    The concept of cities being built on top of the ruins of much older cities is in no way a new realization. Neither is the idea of there being modern cities with miles and miles of subterranian caverns and tunnels that exist for various reasons. Check out my blog this week for a look at 10 Strange Cities Hidden Under Other Cities.
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    WEEK OF AUGUST 9, 2015
    We've seen it in the movies set in Medieval times, the type of torture performed on the unfortunate some of whom were innocent of any and all crimes. But, like much of what Hollywood portrays on the screen, how much is fact and how much embellishment? Check out my blog this week for a look at the 10 Biggest Myths About Medieval Torture.
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    WEEK OF AUGUST 16, 2015
    Whether Deity or Demon, the supernatural entities of the ancient world had one thing in common.More often than not, they used their magical skills for the pursuit of sex…lots of it. Check out my blog this week for a look at Those Lusty Gods Of Mythology And Their Sexy Pursuits.
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    WEEK OF AUGUST 23, 2015
    Top secret sites...they're located all over the world and belong to many different countries/governments. Some have been around for many decades and others are more recent. Check out my blog this week for a list of 12 Top Secret Sites From Around The World.
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    Default 5 Lost Cities -- Found

    WEEK OF AUGUST 30, 2015
    Finding lost things can be a relief such as finding those misplaced car keys. Or on occasion it can be very exciting such as locating that sunken treasure. And it is especially thrilling when that lost item is an entire city. Check out my blog this week for a look at 5 lost cities that were found (or "rediscovered").

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