A contest in honor of the upcoming release of Finnís Christmas!
When: Nov 12 Ė Dec 14, 2009
Prize: $10 gift certificate for Amazon.com
Where: email answers to me at ravenesperanza@yahoo.com
What: I suppose we need a what, donít we?
The Contest:
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Finnís Christmas, the holiday short story follow-up to Finn, releases 12/10/09. Naturally, Finnís climbing the walls (such an excitable pooka) and demands we find a way to celebrate. While you could read the short story on its own, the experience will be more enjoyable if youíve read Finn first.
If you havenít picked up your copy yet, you can purchase Finn at;
Red Rose Publishing
All Romance eBooks
Amazon.com (for your Kindle)
Once youíve got your hot little hands on Finn, (um, the book, that is):
  • Read the story
  • Pick your favorite scene
  • Write me a little blurb about which scene you picked and why
The most convincing, eloquent answer (go ahead, make me laugh and/or cry, Iím a pushover) wins!

Angel Martinez - Erotic Fiction for the Hungry Mind
Finn - Available NOW from Red Rose Publishing
Finn's Christmas - December 10, 2009 from Red Rose!
Lioness on the Knife and Aftermath - Coming Soon from Red Rose

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