The elevator ride was over in seconds, and the hallways they traveled
through, though decorated differently in greens this time instead of blues, were familiar, as was the door to Eagle's apartment. Unlike in
their past, doors could now be any shape at all, from rectangular to
triangular to round. Eagle had always liked his doors round, a
throwback to his Native American ancestry back on their mother world,

"Why don't you unlock the door?"

Crew threw Eagle a disbelieving look before asking incredulously,

"You mean my retina scan is still in there?"

"Yes." Eagle stroked one long brown finger down the side of Crew's
face. "I knew you would come back home eventually." He dropped his
hand and shrugged one shoulder.

Shaking his head, Crew leaned forward and allowed his eye to be
scanned by the small computer next to the door. It was a good thing he
and Eagle didn't have any enemies, or just like in that old movie flick Eagle liked so much, Demolition Man, where the criminal takes the guy's eyeball with a pen and uses it to fool a retina scan, they could have been in serious trouble. When the door slid open, Crew stepped inside. At first it appeared that not one thing was different. While the rest of the world seemed to have moved on, Eagle had kept everything inside his sanctuary exactly the same, or so it appeared. Even the photos of him and Eagle were in the same place.


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