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Jason's face nudged its way into her mind as she soaked. She could not concentrate on her novel or her family memories because her thoughts drifted back to him and his engaging smile. Who was he? Why had he had such an effect on her? What did he mean that it was very important that she buy this house?

She thought of his broad shoulders and wondered what it would be like to rest her head on them. Frank was a remnant of her past now, and she needed to move on. Who would take over her passion and love for life? Would it be Jason? Although she barely knew him, she felt as if she has known him all her life. Why was that?. What did he mean to her? His long hair, blonde – so unlike the brunettes she normally preferred – fell down his back, begging for the touch of her hands.

As she soaked in the tub, she ran her hands over her breasts and belly, feeling a stirring in her pussy as she thought about Jason. Should she have accepted his invitation to get a room together? Did she miss a chance to have a hot and sexy night with a new man? While her trysts with Frank were hot and steamy, she felt no emotion, no attachment with him. Her tenderness towards Jason aroused her like no man had ever before. As she thought about Jason's aroused stare, her hands traveled down her breasts, past her belly, and into her bush.

Her fingers found a very wet pussy as they circled her erect clit, bringing forth bursts of pleasure as Jason's handsome face emerged in her mind's eye. What would it be like to kiss him, to taste him? As she slid her fingers inside, she clenched hard with arousal, wanting to feel Jason deep inside her. Her fingers felt slick with her juices as she moved her fingers in and out, quickly and then slowly, rubbing inside and then against her clit as her arousal increased. She slipped further into the warm, bubbly water as she fingered herself, bringing out one hand and sliding her moistened fingers into her mouth, tasting her musk.