I am about to write the first page of an erotic paranormal anthology titled, Daughters of Odin. I must admit, this is my favourite part of the writing process. I get so excited after all the historical details have been researched, my characters have pictures and profiles and my plot is loosely written. (I'm basically a panster - I write by the seat of my pants).
After all that is completed I like to do a little happy dance. It's now my time to shine, to lose myself in the world of fantasy. This is why I do what I do. To suffer through the painstaking edits, wait on the rollercoaster of submissions and sometimes rejections - but not too many rejections, I've got to keep positive.
It all seems worth the hard work, blood, sweat and tears for this very moment...to create the first draft of the story.
As I settle into my computer chair, a warm cup of tea is next to me, my heart beats a little faster. My stomach tingles in anticipation and my creative muse clears her throat...I am about to create a world of fantasy and fall in love for the very first time...again.
So tell me, what part of the process do you like when writing a novel? If you haven't written a story yet, take some time and think about what part you would most enjoy.
Would it be the research part, profiling your characters, plotting, editing, finished the first page or chapter? Perhaps when you write, "the end" is your fav. Or maybe you are like me, the thrill is in the actual story writing.
Whatever is your favourite part, writing is an addiction I gladly welcome into my veins of creativity. ;0)
Lyn Armstrong
History has never been so erotic